Scarlett, Designer Spotlight – June 2016 0

Scarlett creating her illustrations

Designer Spotlight, Scarlett, creating her illustrations.

Meet Scarlett, Age 16-

Scarlett is an aspiring costume designer that has been a frequent visitor to Sketch illustration classes. We love Scarlett’s unique style of illustrating, especially her signature blond bun hair do! To create her designs she prefers to use a fine point micron pen & copic markers, as well as metallic sharpies and gel pens. Once in a while she even uses a little glitter!

Recently Scarlett & I created the prom dress that she designed. She looked radiant! Stop by Sketch now through June 27th to see more of Scarlett’s illustrations & prom dress. (The dress will be in the window during the Larac Festival.) Check out a preview of her designs below, then see our interview with Scarlett!

Scarlett's Prom Dress

Scarlett’s Beautiful Prom Dress next to her original illustration!

Scarlett Finished dress

Scarlett’s finished dress featuring black silk charmeuse fabric from MOOD nyc, and swarovski crystals.

Scarlett Dress Detail

Scarlett’s Dress Detail – swarovski crystals and bow strap.

Scarlett Back View

Scarlett – Back View

SKETCH: What’s your design style?
SCARLETT: Edgy but Feminine.

SKETCH: Where do you find your inspiration?
SCARLETT: I like to design for a specific person and think about what they would want to wear. I often design for celebrities or think about characters in my favorite books.

SKETCH: What colors do you most often use in your designs?
SCARLETT: Black, Yellow, Pink, and Maroon.

SKETCH: What is your dream job?
SCARLETT: Working as a costume designer for Film.

SKETCH: Do you have a favorite designer?
SCARLETT: I love the fashion designs of Dior. My favorite costume designer is Trish Summerville (who costumed for “Catching Fire”). I also love Rachel Zoe, designer, and stylist for Jennifer Lawrence.

SKETCH: You recently made your own prom dress. Was it harder than you expected? Do you like to sew?
SCARLETT: Yes, especially perfecting the fit of the garment. I do like to sew.

SKETCH: What item of clothing could you not live without?
SCARLETT: My tight black shirt that goes with everything.

SKETCH: I wish I had never worn _____________.
SCARLETT: At one time I liked wearing a REALLY baggy t-shirt over a baggy long sleeve shirt.

SKETCH: You have an exciting trip coming up this summer. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
SCARLETT: I will be spending two weeks at a costume design camp. We will be going to studios to work and will receive a script to costume. I will be going on field trips to stores for styling, as well as drawing to come up with the costume designs for the show.

Thanks Scarlett, we will look for your designs on the silver screen!

Scarlett has inspired a new one day class – Costume Design! Click here for more info.

For summer camps available at Sketch click here.

Scarlett's Illustration

Scarlett’s 80’s, 90’s & 2000’s illustration

Scarlett_Future Costume Designer

Scarlett – Future Costume Designer